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Next Wave is an agency offering web design in Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas. Our websites are beautiful, functional and affordable, and customized for you.

Optimized Charlotte Web Design

A lot goes into the creation of a successful website. Web design goes beyond the choice of graphics or the written copy. When you're looking for a new website in Charlotte, North Carolina, you need a site that will help you to achieve your business goals. The purpose of a website is to enhance your brand's online image and clearly convey your brand message. It helps you to bring in new customers and continue to serve existing customers too.
Good web design relays your brand's messaging and tells customers that you can meet their needs. Whether you run an online business or need to boost foot traffic in your physical store, we use customer testimonials, solid design, and calls to action to help you attract customers in Charlotte and beyond, and ultimately increase your sales.
Web design is part technical optimization and what's happening behind the scenes, and part user experience. Next Wave ensures a careful balance between these two elements to maximize return on your investment. Our Charlotte web design team uses these key strategies to meet the needs of your customers and help you to reach your business goals.

A Strategic Approach from a Charlotte Web Design Company

Our skilled and creative web design team goes beyond simply designing your website. We are a Charlotte web design company that creates a website design strategy for your business to ensure your website hits each of your objectives. At Next Wave, we take pride in going above and beyond to provide every client with a website that aligns with their business goals. Our team has decades of experience in web design, from the basic principles of website design to the most up-to-date best practices and trends in visual layouts. We design websites that capture the attention of today's visitors and inspire them to take action.

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Attractive, Effective Websites

Lake Norman Website Design
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Make a Great First Impression

Our creative team will design an attention-grabbing website for your business. Make an immediate impression on visitors in the first steps of their buying journey.

Smooth User Experience

With responsive web design, your website will look excellent and function well on any devices that your customers use.

Inspire Consumer Confidence
Present your business as trustworthy and reliable with a smart, informative website. Using customer testimonials, reviews, and case studies, you can show customers why you're the best.

Beat the Competition
Stand out from others in your niche with a professional website from Next Wave. Stand out from the crown and rank high in search engine results with SEO-friendly web design.

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Achieve Your Business Goals with Charlotte Web Design

Building a new website for your business isn't just about having a pretty online storefront. Your website should help your business to achieve its goals, raising the profile of your brand and giving you one of the essential tools that you need to increase your sales. When your website is designed to reflect your business goals, you can ensure it will generate leads and sales.
When you choose Next Wave for your web design in Charlotte, we work closely with you to understand your business goals. Our design team will make sure that every part of your website aligns with your objectives, delivering a site that offers a pleasant user experience and takes your visitors through the customer journey. Your goals might be directly related to your website, such as increasing the number of visitors or making more online sales, or they could be less direct, such as getting more people to visit your physical store. Whatever your overall business goals are, we use the most appropriate design features to get your customers to take action.


Stay Up to Date with the Latest Web Design

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Technology moves quickly, and web design is no exception. If you tried to function as a business with a website created in the 1990s, you likely won't get very far with maintaining your online reputation. It's essential to keep up with the latest best practices, both when it comes to visual elements and usability, and in regard to the technical stuff that's going on behind the scenes.
At Next Wave, our Charlotte web design experts will use the most up-to-date practices to create the ideal user experience for your visitors. We balance technical elements and excellent design to make your website easy to navigate while boosting leads and sales. As people use mobile devices more and more to search for what they need and browse websites, you need a responsive design that will adjust to the size of the screen, work well with touch screens, and is compatible with any browser too. We make sure that none of your visitors are missing out when they land on your website.


Digital Marketing to Promote Your Site

Once your website is up and running, it's essential to keep it updated with fresh content and to promote it across the web. Next Wave makes it easy to get started by helping you with social media and setting you up with a blog for your business. We'll make sure your site has social media buttons that take you to your social pages, and we can even create new profiles for you if you're not yet on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You get a blog page for your site, featuring a chronological posting format that keeps the freshest content at the top of the page.
Search engine optimization is vital for any modern website, which is why all of our sites are installed with an SEO plugin. This tool makes it easier to implement SEO on your site, ensuring every page is optimized for search engines and helping to boost your website in search engine rankings. Other design elements help with SEO too, such as mobile optimization to ensure mobile users enjoy a good experience when searching for your site on their devices. We get your site indexed by Google and we connect you to Google Analytics so that you can keep track of all of the important metrics, from how much traffic you're getting to conversions.


Your Brand Identity, Including Logo and Graphic Desig

Every business needs to have a strong brand identity when growing its online presence. Our Charlotte web design agency will help you not just with the creation of your website, but also with key elements of your identity such as your website domain and logo. Our Website Implementation package includes one domain of your choice, which immediately helps to create your business's online identity. You can purchase further domains too so that your customers can visit a .com, .co, or .org and still land on your website.
We can even help with your brand logo. Whether you need to have it updated or you're looking for a brand-new logo, our graphic designers will work on a logo that matches your brand image. Start creating the image and reputation that you want online by getting the look of your website right and ensuring your brand has a strong identity.


Search Functionality on Your Site

Your website visitors need to be able to find the information, products, and services that they need on your site. Our Charlotte web design experts implement a search function on your site, making it simple for any visitors to find exactly what they're looking for. They can get straight to the most relevant information without having to click all over your website trying to find what they need. An efficient search function can make a big difference to your website, especially if you have a lot of content that may make it more difficult for visitors to find exactly what they need.

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Visually Stunning Websites

While functionality is just as, if not more, important than looks when it comes to web design, it's also necessary to have a site that looks good. Next Wave creates beautiful websites that are aesthetically pleasing, using a variety of visual elements to make your site attractive. When we build you a new site, we format your texts and images in a way that makes them easy to digest and creates the image that you want for your brand. We can also include an image gallery with up to 30 images, ideal for creating a portfolio or highlighting some of your best work or products.

Lead-generating Website Design

Your website should boost your leads and sales, and ultimately help you to increase your revenue. Some of the key features you receive from our Charlotte web design services are designed to achieve this. We include a contact form that sends submissions straight to your email, so your website visitors can quickly get in touch with you and you will be able to respond in a timely manner. We can also include an embedded Google map on your contact page to show your visitors where you're located - especially important if you have a physical business local that's open to the public or you make appointments with customers to visit your office, showroom, or other premises.

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Crucial Calls to Action

No website design is complete without calls to action. They prompt your visitors on what to do next, whether it's downloading a freebie that gives them valuable information or signing up for your subscription service. A call to action helps to give your visitors a clear path and make sure they don't leave your website without doing something that benefits you. Getting CTAs right can be tough. They need to be in the right place, and they need to say the right thing. Too many of them on the same page and your visitors could get confused about what to do next. When you work with Next Wave to design your new website, you'll get calls to action that are designed to optimize your website and generate more leads and sales.

Work Closely with Our Charlotte Web Design Team

Our Charlotte web design team works with you to create a website that meets all of your needs. We have a design process that starts with an initial consultation to outline your business goals and takes you all the way through to the final sign-off to approve your complete website. While we do all of the design work, we'll stay in touch with you throughout the process to ensure you're happy with what we're doing.
We'll design the page format and site navigation, and even research your competition. Our designers format your supplied text and images, install images and search, and get you set up with social media too. Everything is approved at the end with a final review and sign-off session to go over what we've done and give you a chance to raise any last issues before approval.

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If you're ready to benefit from a brand-new website that boosts your brand image and increases your leads and sales, get started today by arranging an initial consultation. We'll go over your goals and discuss what you want out of your new website to outline a solid plan. Your free consultation will give you a clear idea of what your new website can do for you, and how we can create an attractive, effective website that meets your needs.

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Next Wave can also help you with website maintenance, marketing, and more. Take a look at our services and pricing to find out more about how we can help you to achieve more with your website.

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New Wave Services have been tremendous to work with. Their responsiveness and quality of work have been superb. I highly recommend their services and look forward to continue working with them on our next project. 


Awesome Job Next Wave!
Next Wave did an excellent job for me and really help my website come to life! Thanks again for your patients and professionalism, I can't wait to work with you guys again.


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Website Implementation

  • Image links to social media (and creation if you do not have (Twitter, Linked In, Facebook business page, Instagram)

  • Blog page with chronological posting format

  • Installation of Search Engine Optimization Plugin

  • Mobile optimized format for viewing on cell phones, tablets, and other devices

  • Google site submission, installation of Google Analytics

  • Includes 1 domain name (.com) of your choice as available. If you want to purchase more domains (.org, .co, etc) please let us know. 

  • Initial consultation to identify your website goals

  • Design stage of page elements and site navigation including necessary competition research

  • Formatting of supplied text and images

  • Site-wide search functionality

  • Image gallery (up to 30 images)

  • Creation or updating of your logo

  • Image links to social media (and creation if you do not have (Twitter, Linked In, Facebook business page, Instagram)

  • Contact form with submissions sent to you via email

  • Embedded Google map

  • Final review session and sign off