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How Next Wave Established The Online Presence Of MJ Financial Services

Our Story:

MJ Financial Services (MJFS) is a premium financial services company that’s locally owned and operated in Charlotte, North Carolina. Their goal is to educate their clients on how to best maintain financial stability through a strategic methodology and effective communication.

They chose Next Wave to assist with the latter via developing their website. Our team’s task was to create an online platform that will allow clients to easily find MJFS. We viewed this project as a new opportunity to showcase our skills as well as help a startup get off the ground.

Our Goal For Website Design:

MJFS didn’t have an online presence and was missing out on prospective clients who were actively but exclusively searching for the services MJFS offered through the internet. The initial goals were:

  • Craft content that would allow easy contact for customers

  • Design layout and logo

  • Maintain and update SEO

The Solution:

Our team collaborated with the team and listened closely to what MJFS wanted to get out of the project and fit their business model. Our designers, website UI creators, graphic designers, and project managers that built everything MJFS needs for their website.

Their Success:

The entire project took approximately 45 days to complete from the initial briefing. The website represents the company well and they were happy with the logo. The SEO also provides steady traffic to the site. With our website maintenance capabilities, Next Wave Services continues to partner with Global Events to make sure their website is always up to date.

As a result of this project, the MJFS team left this five-star review on the independent ratings platform Clutch:

This is our first review on the platform, and it allows us to count ourselves as one of the best agencies in North Carolina.

Website design and website maintenance can greatly contribute to a business, resulting in improvements in terms of income, growth, and expanded operations!

If you’re looking for quality web design services, or website maintenance experts who will meet your business' requirements, we warmly invite you to reach out to us and see what Next Wave Services has to offer your brand.


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