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Top 5 Website Goals and Objectives

Just saying “we want a better website” is like saying “we want a better business”. Without well thought out goals, your updated website might not get you where you need to be. So what are your most important website goals? Earn more profits? Improve your customer satisfaction? Gain more customers? Push out more information? Whatever your website goals are, they should be crafted into the goals of your website.

Below are the top 5 website goals for growing your business:

Website Goal #1: More Sales

As expected, increasing your sales from your website is a top goal of most companies who sell a service or product. If you have an e-commerce or SaaS website, this is where you’ll want to spend the most effort. Creating a website design that is easy to navigate, quick response time, and has the customer in mind can help you grow your business. You can measure the success of your website redesign by how many paying customers you had before and after. Take a look at the quality of the web traffic and conversion rates before and after setting this goal. One tip to being successful with this goal is to improve your sales support with the redesign of your website. Quick and professional communication between the sales team and customers will help solidify the sales.

Website Goal #2: Higher customer satisfaction

Supporting your existing and potential customers is an obvious goal for a website. Better user experience and service can go a long way to establish and maintain the customer relationship. Whether your website has a member portal, online customer accounts or SaaS based site, you’ll want to cater to that type of customer. Providing a quick and easy website that allows them to pop in and take care of business such as making appointments, accessing member info, and paying bills will up the satisfaction. Crafting website design that focuses on the customer will ensure they come back time after time to gain information and purchase from you.

Website Goal #3: Generate more leads and convert them

While your ultimate goal from your website design might be to complete sales, gaining qualified leads might be just as important. Potential customer traffic needs to be driven to your website to get you more leads to convert. You’ll want to capture the leads information so you can reach back out to them. Where you choose to capture this info will depend on the type of info and website you have. Some companies choose to have a pop up after a few minutes on a page. Others use the “sign up for our newsletter” as a more subtle way to capture info while giving the prospect free info from your company.

Website Goal #4: Grow awareness

If your goal is to educate users about products or services you offer without necessarily selling them online, you are using your website design to grow awareness of your brand. A great example of this is non-profit websites. They aren’t selling a product, but need to gain a following who believes in their mission. The focus of their website design is to grow awareness around the brand. This is a common goal for marketing departments who want to attract and engage people to their website. If you have a website setup up for more informational purposes, this is likely your top goal for website design.

Website Goal #5: Operational efficiency and optimization

Companies can use their website design to also be beneficial to the flow of information and tasks in the customer journey, and thus save money by reducing the overhead. If integrated with the company’s CRM, accounting software, customer support system, project management system, document management, inventory system, etc, a company can reduce costs by maintaining independent systems that are manually updated. At Next Wave, we’ve integrated Zoho One into our website to streamline our processes and systems. HR and management can also benefit from intuitive website design by allowing employment applications to be submitted through the website, tracking employee satisfaction from employee surveys and measure ROI for the sales department.

If you’re looking to update your website and have these goals or others in mind, contact Next Wave Services today to help you bring your ideas to life.


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