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Creating a website is not just about adding cool graphics and exciting words. Great websites are designed with the goal of establishing and conveying your brand to your customers. Your website should be able to clearly relay a message that they can get their needs met. Express that opinion with strong customer testimonials, solid design, and call to action to bring your Charlotte customers to your door.


Next Wave carefully analyzes the balance between user experience and technical optimization to maximize return on your investment. Using these basic strategies, our website design team at Next Wave will help you meet the need of your customers and your business goals.

More Than Just A Website. It's a Web Strategy

At Next Wave, we are a Charlotte website design company that takes pride in the skills and creativeness of our web design team. With decades of experience, Next Wave will be able to craft an optimal website design strategy for your business. We combine the basic principles of website design along with the latest visual layouts to make sure that your website captures the attention of today's visitors and inspiring them to click on your call to action.

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Your website design will help you accomplish crucial goals


Next Wave takes pride in the skills and creativeness of our website design team. We will a give you a website that commands immediate attention.

We make your website look tubular. Meaning your website looks great on all devices your customer's use.

Your website is a necessity. It is a valuable tool that provides customer testimonials, case studies, and other relevant information to convince clients to choose you.

Next Wave will give you a professional website that stands our from the crowd and ranks you high on the search engines.

Let us be an extension of your team

Next Wave Services is the top website design company in Charlotte, NC. We perform website design throughout the Charlotte metro area. Our payment plans are month to month, freeing you from long-term agreements, and keeping us accountable at all times. We’re confident that you’ll love our services and we earn your business each month. Try us out with no-risk today by selecting the website design plan that is right for you or calling (888) 827-9638.