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Catch the Next Wave of Web Development with us!

What's included for $$$ website development?

Initial consultation to identify your website goals

We will meet with you to kick-off the project. Here we will discuss your goals for the website so we can achieve the look and feel in line with your brand.

Creation or Updating your business logo

You will get 1 free logo design with unlimited revisions. If you have a logo, and you want to enhance or update the design, we will also do it for you free of charge.

Upload of Contents & Images (up to 30 images)

A big determining factor of your website is generally how many pages it is and therefore how much content and how many images will need to be uploaded to flesh it out. The more pages and images that need to be created and populated, the more expensive your site will be. At our company we will always specify how many pages of content your website development includes on our quotes, and this will generally be scoped out at the briefing stage meaning we will help you decide on what pages you will need, what pages you could consolidate if you have an existing site and what pages you could potentially even cut. On some rare occasions, we will set up a set number of core pages for clients, and allow clients who want to save on budget to continue to populate the website with further pages or products.

Core Search Engine Optimization elements

As such we won’t let any website go out the door of our company without installing core SEO aspects such as: – Installing an industry standard SEO plugin – Set up/transfer Google Webmaster Tools, verify site, submit site map – to help Google provide feedback on the health of your site and get to know your site and to allow Google to know when you add new content/amend content – Set up/transfer Google Analytics – to measure the performance of your website

Site Warranty

Once the website is done, we will turn over the full ownership of the website to you. However, we will give you 2 weeks of free maintenance service for whatever adjustments and additions you want to put on the website. If you need our help to maintain your website permanently, you can refer to our website maintenance service [link to web maintenance] for your best options.

Free domain

You website will come with one free domain for one year.


A website design process that focuses on results

A website should be your best sales person. We design, conceptualize, and build websites that help clients improve their sales and capability to nurture deals. We use an inbound agile method for website design and web marketing.


Audit and strategy


Results driven analytics


Buyer-driven messaging


Growth-driven design

Why Wix Is a Top Choice for Your Website?

If you are looking for one of the best designed Wix websites for your business, Next Wave Services is your partner for building your website. We offer first-in-class design and maintenance services and we are based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Let’s take a look at why Wix is one of the top platforms for building your website in 2021.


Website Design Portfolio


Need help in maintaining your website?

We can take care of that for you too. Check out our Website Maintenance plans that are tailor-fitted for your needs. We have options to meet your needs.