A scalable website design service for any growing business

Next Wave is the first service to easily deliver scalable website design service to any company, entrepreneur, or team. Pay as you grow and customize the platform to fit your changing needs.

Easily adjust website design output

Our process allows you to make revisions or adjustments on the design of your website. Just contact our Client Support team so we can cater your request on a timely manner.

Great for growing businesses

Our designers are here to help you evolve your brand over time — and our platform makes it easy to grow your design team alongside your business.

Say goodbye to chasing your website designers

You will have a dedicated Virtual Assistant assigned to you from 9 am to 6 pm on your specific time zone. With our support system you will no longer have to chase your website designer.

Support for any size

Next Wave designs your website to be compatible for viewing on any type of device. From an iPhone to a computer, your website still looks very good.


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