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How Next Wave Services Helped Global Events Rock The Event Industry


Success Story

Optimizing the outdated website and adding SEO criteria helped increase bookings for Global Events’ live events productions and online meetings.

Global Events

Their Story:

Global Events has been in the industry since 1992, providing professional audio-visual production services for thousands of audiences across the US, Canada, Europe and South America. They have a reputation of excellence in presentation technical support. So it is quite a compliment that they chose Next Wave Services to help them revamp their website. It was also an opportunity for us to show our capabilities as premier website maintenance and design experts.

The Challenge:

Global Events' old website needed improvement as it could no longer drive sales due to a lack of optimization, outdated design, insufficient keywords, and a myriad of other issues. Their intial goals were:

-Reach new audiences

-Get more clicks that convert

-Generate the needed returns.

The Solution:

Website design needs were met by revamping their website to be up to date. Our team of web maintenance experts optimized for modern requirements, including all the keywords they needed, adding SEO criteria, and creating Call to Actions to encourage their potential customers to contact them.

The Success:

With these, the website is now more streamlined and designed to reach out to their targeted audience, drive site traffic, and ultimately contact Global Events. Bookings have increased and Global Events’ personnel are busy doing more live events productions and online meetings. All in all, the outcome was optimal and now Global Events has grown their operations thanks to their improved website design and the returns they’re seeing from it.

With our website maintenance capabilities, Next Wave Services continues to partner with Global Events to make sure their website is always up to date. They have also started offering an event streaming service through the Event Casting site that Next Wave created for them.

View the finished site

Website design and website maintenance can greatly contribute to a business, resulting in improvements in terms of income, growth, and expanded operations!


If you’re looking for quality web design services, or website maintenance experts who will meet your business' requirements, we warmly invite you to reach out to us and see what Next Wave Services has to offer your brand.

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