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How Next Wave Helps Sharpen Establish Their Brand As The Answer to Mental Wellness


Success Story

Creating a website and landing pages that helped Sharpen promote their apps online.


Their Story:

Sharpen is the nation's leading one-stop solution for mental wellness. The company was developed by husband and wife team Robyn Hussa Farell and Tim Farell from Spartansburg, SC. Sharpen uses the power of the internet to provide apps with different content experiences that help Veterans, Students, Entrepreneurs, and Families.

Sharpen collaborates with licensed mental health professionals and researchers to provide information to targeted audiences in a safe environment. They also provide original health contents that are available for distribution under a purchaser's own brand.

The Challenge:

Sharpen contacted Next Wave to create their website from scratch, since they were still developing their web apps. They realized they needed a website to promote their services and increase the quality and quantity of leads. They looked at several companies that could give them exactly what they needed - an attractive, professional, and responsive website that would entice businesses to sign up for their mental health apps. Ultimately they made the right choice and chose Next Wave Services.

The Solution:

Next Wave believes in the idea that proper planning leads to great results. We created an SEO optimized website, that is responsive. It deeply integrates into their mobile application with a look up code, and serves their clients, their customers, and the existing and future investors.

The Success:

The Sharpen website has helped the company in promoting their business. It serves as their landing page for new users and promotes their new products. Sharpen also widened their audience base beyond families and veterans. They are now in collaboration with universities to help college students that are having mental problems.

To this day, Next Wave still maintains the Sharpen website. With our website maintenance plan, we make sure that their website is always up-to-date.

View the finished site

Website design and website maintenance can greatly contribute to a business, resulting in improvements in terms of income, growth, and expanded operations!


If you’re looking for quality web design services, or website maintenance experts who will meet your business' requirements, we warmly invite you to reach out to us and see what Next Wave Services has to offer your brand.

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