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10 Ways Next Wave Services Delivers You a Knockout Website

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

We are the best website designers based out of Charlotte, NC. We specialize in website designs for non-profit organizations, accountants, and virtually every type of small business. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that we can deliver you a knockout website so that you have a great online presence for your business.

We Know Website Layouts

Your website’s layout is the foundation of how it looks on a person’s desktop, smartphone, or tablet. We excel at formatting content so it looks good on the page. We also know how to design a navigation that supports all of your most important pages. If you have content that needs to be structured in a certain way, we can use design elements like stripes and columns to help the content look well-done.

We’ll Use Colors That Make Your Website Stand Out To Web Visitors

Certain colors can help your website stand out to your visitors. For example, different colors can make a call-to-action standout. Our team can help you pick out colors that work well for calls-to-actions. These elements of a web page are invitations for your visitors to become customers. Additionally, we can also look at your existing branding to see how that can be mapped onto your website effectively.

We’ll Beautify Your Website With Backgrounds and Scrolling Effects

Static backgrounds are a thing of the past. We can add backgrounds to your website that have effects like parallax scrolling. This is an effect where the background of the page moves slower than the foreground. This is a way to entice visitors to stay longer on the page. This can help make individual sections of your website stand out more. Other types of scrolling effects can make your website more user-friendly, such as a sticky header. A sticky header makes your website navigation stay constant on the page while the rest of the page moves.

Pick Your Own Fonts and We’ll Upload Them

Sometimes, you might have selected a font for your business that might not appear on many of the websites that are out there. Maybe you have a very specific font that you use in your logo that you want to appear on your website. If you have a preferred font, we’ll upload that and make it a central design theme of your website.

We Can Help You Find Great Photos

Our website design service includes a photo gallery feature. If you have photos from your business, we can help you integrate these into your website. We can also help you find appropriate stock photos for your website. These will help establish trust for your company with potential customers. We can also design pages with beautiful images as a centerfold.

We Can Help You Structure Content So That It Looks Good

Many web design companies will upload a wall of text to your website without structure and good readability. The best way to make your website standout to visitors is to structure your content. Paragraphs should be short to read and paragraphs should be grouped under headlines that lets the visitor skim them easily. You might also want to let us use anchor links on your website’s longer pages so that readers can access that section of the page quickly, almost like a table of contents for the page. On longer blogs, you can also have us suggest a reading time so people will know how long they need to dedicate to read one of your blog posts.

We Can Help You Keep Your Website Looking Fresh

Do you need to have your website updated for upcoming sales and promotions? We can help you with that. Sometimes, you might want to update your homepage for an upcoming sale. You might want to have us change a banner or update products on your website. We have website maintenance services that can keep your website looking up to date.

We Can Help People Find You

If you are a local business, you are going to need to have your address displayed on your website. However, there is more you can do to have your business’s physical location be found by website visitors. You might want to consider having us place a Google Map on your contact page. This will help people see how to get to your business. You’ll also want to display reviews on your website from the major review platforms, like Google My Business, Yelp, and others. You will also want to display links to your social media profiles on your website.

See What People Are Doing On Your Website

In addition to having many apps, your website will also have Google Analytics installed so that you can see what people are doing on your website. This will help our design team make adjustments to your website, such as designing better calls-to-action, that will help you improve your website’s performance.

We Help You Every Step Of the Way

Lastly, we help you with your website with a monthly call, depending on the plan you are on. We can help you with your email campaigns and also show you all the bells and whistles that go along with your website. Our team is fully proficient in every aspect of web design and we have helped some of the businesses in Charlotte with their website. We have different plans available to help you meet your budget. When you choose us for your website design agency, we’ll listen to your goals and help you structure your website in a way that brings you more business.


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