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5 Benefits of Producing Content For Your Website

Updated: Jun 17

In the world of smartphones and technology, content is king. Content can be a written blog, a video for your social media profile, or something that you found online. Web design companies like Next Wave Services can help you format content, including blogs, photos, and videos for your website. Let’s take at the reasons that you should consider creating content for your website.

1. Websites that blog get 80% more traffic than those that don’t

Writing content for your website is a great way to get traffic from search engines. A blog can contain several different types of posts:

  • Written content can help you establish yourself as a trusted source of knowledge within your industry.

  • Video content can tell your customers more about your brands and services.

  • Infographics can be shared via a blog to help educate your customers about a wide variety of different subjects.

When you build a website with a company like Next Wave Services, we will provide you with a blog section of your website. We also have a website maintenance package that can help you update content on your website and make sure that your posts are formatted correctly.

2. Video content will help your customers engage with your products or services

Video content is everything in 2022. Did you know that video content is 82% of all consumer traffic that is online? Everyone engaged with video content. The most commonly engaged video content includes YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram video content. Live video content is also on the rise. In fact, people who watch live video from a business on Facebook or YouTube are 3x more engaged with that content than they are with pre-recorded content.

Video content production is a must-have for businesses. 80% of video marketers say that their video content has helped increase their sales and revenue over the past several years.

3. Creating content helps you champion your brand’s values and social responsibility

In 2022, many brands are starting to use content to champion their brands values and social responsibility. Many brands use content marketing to:

  • Educate their customers about environmental issues and how their brand helps make a better world.

  • Inform customers about products or services that can help them live a better life.

  • Champion issues that are important, such as social justice, inequality, and other matters that are of importance to their customers.

According to Hubspot, more than 82% of brands will use content marketing to address and champion issues that are important to their costumes in the coming year.

4. Content creation helps with your branding

Why does content marketing help with branding? It takes a customer 5 to 7 encounters with your brand before they remember it. Presenting content for your brand across different marketing channels can increase your revenue by up to 23%. More importantly, content creation helps you make a lasting impression with your customers. 95% of customers who had a favorable impression of a brand first experienced the brand through its online content.

5. Creating content will help you get more sales and leads

Gone are the days when customers would pick up a phone book and a newspaper and look for a business. You need to create content on your website and your social media profiles so that your customers can engage directly with you. Content marketing is so important, as every $1 spent on content marketing will generate $3 in sales for a business.

If you are looking to power your content creation process, Next Wave Services can help. Maybe you need a website design with a great looking blog to showcase the content you create. Or maybe you need one of our website maintenance packages to help you update content on your website. Get in touch with us today for a free quote.


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