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5 Best Practices For a Business Website

Updated: Jun 17

Next Wave Services is a website design agency in Charlotte, NC that can help you with a business website, whether it be ecommerce or for lead generation. We specialize in accounting and non-profit website designs, but can work with virtually any type of business. Let’s take a look at some of the best practices we implement when building a website.

Keep a Design That Is Simple and Intuitive

When you have a website, it can be very tempting to overload it with bells and whistles. However, it is best to keep your website simple and easy to use. Here are some guidelines that will help you keep your website design simple and effective:

  • Your main navigation should have links to all of your important pages.

  • You should have a contact form page for people to fill out.

  • Keep sliders on the homepage to a minimum and consider using only one static banner image.

  • Have a clickable phone number on your homepage so that people can call you if you are on your smartphone.

Place Creative Assets Carefully (Like Images and Videos) On Your Website

You should use high-resolution images on your website. However, make sure that they are compressed down to the right size so that they don’t slow your website down. Videos are also an important element for websites. However, videos often require a longer amount of time to load, so consider placing these on an interior page.

Use Preformatted Text For Your Blogs and Landing Pages

Keep a working copy of content that you’d like to include on your website. As a rule of thumb:

  • Web pages and blogs should be about 500 to 750 words.

  • Headlines should break up long blocks of content so that the content is readable on both desktop and smartphones.

  • Include keywords in your headlines.

  • Make sure that the content is readable for your website audience.

Your Next Wave Services team member can help you upload any content to your website that you see fit.

Have Clickable Phone Numbers and Form Fills

Make it super easy for your customers to reach out to you. A clickable phone number should be above the fold on mobile. Additionally, you should also have contact forms in easy-to-find places. In addition to having your form be on your contact us page, place a form on the homepage so that people don’t have to click a page or two into your website to find it. Sometimes, it might be a good idea to place an embedded map on your page so that people.

Work With a Charlotte Professional Design Team

A website design agency can help you develop a perfect-looking business website. They can help you with layout on smartphones, tablets, and desktops. They can also update banners and design a layout for your website that is truly responsive and that customers will love. Moreover, they can help you with all the online branding for your website, as well as set up social media accounts for your website and get you started with your SEO.


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