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5 Reasons To Optimize Your Google My Business Profile

Google My Business will help your customers find you. There are many benefits to this free listing service from Google. Not only will people be able to call you directly, but you can also let them see your goods and services. Let’s take a look at the reasons you need to optimize your Google My Business listing.

1. Most searches are local

When someone does a Google query, they are likely looking for a service that is near them. In fact, the majority of all Google searches, a whopping 46% of searches, are local. If you are a company that offers local goods or services, like a restaurant or landscaping service, someone is likely to go with you if they see you in the map pack when they do their organic search.

2. Google Maps searches will show searchers businesses that are within their area

When someone does a local search, they are looking for a business that is extremely close to them. If your GMB is well-optimized, you could outrank your competitors in Google Maps and win their business.

3. Google showcases your great customer service

Do you have a ton of happy customers? If so, they have probably left you a review on Google. The higher you rank on Google Maps, the more people are likely to go with your trusted 5-star business. One of the ways you can also showcase your awesome customer service is to upload pictures and videos of your business and post so that other people can see.

4. If someone searched for you, they are likely to come to your brick and mortar location

Of the 46% of searches that are local, 72% of those searchers will actually go to a business’s physical location to purchase goods or services. If someone comes into your store, they are probably going to buy something. Also, “near me” searches have increased over 500% in recent years.

5. Most people read reviews

Four out of every five customers read reviews before they go with a business for goods or services. If people can find your business when they do a Google search, they are more likely to engage with your business when they come across your positive reviews.

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