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5 Tips To Stay Socially Present

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

5 Tips to stay Socially Present

As the world attempts to stay socially distant from each other physically, we encourage you to stay socially present to your customers. Small business owners can benefit from pushing out content and communications to keep customers informed of changes in your business, which is more important now than ever.

Posting on social media 3-5 times a week may seem like a lot of pressure. But we’re here to help. Below are 5 tips to help keep customers informed and coming back to your business.

Update your hours and information

Regularly updating your business information on your social and google my business will ensure your customers have the correct info to continue supporting you. If you’ve switched to online only or take out orders, be sure to let them know front and center!

Share positive reviews

Right now we could all use more positive news. Use your uplifting reviews to show other potential customers how you could help them too! People like to see proof that what you’re offering works. So share it with them!

Promote sales and gift cards

Now is a great time to have a promotion for that overstock inventory you might have. Sell gift cards to entice customers to come to your store once you open if you’re not online. Create a sale to promote your online store and drive traffic to it. Offering a discount on work you can still churn out at home will help keep your business going as well.

Promote your social and website

Make sure social handles are linked on website and website is shared on social. Google my business should always be updated and include all the current information about your business customers need to reach you.

Stay active on social

Take this opportunity to reach out to both your current and potential customers by promoting your online store on social media. Build up a scheduled calendar of posts for the rest of the year so you don’t have to worry about creating social posts once you’re back in full operations. This can be done via IG stories, tweets, snapchat or facebook.

Remaining active on social media is one way to keep your brand top of mind to your customers now and under normal operations. Just because they can’t visit you in the person, doesn’t mean they can’t connect with you and your business. Finding simple ways to engage with customers will help drive sales and potential customers to your business.

Posting social media and keeping your information up to date are just two of the tasks our website maintenance experts perform for you during the month on our website maintenance plans. Don’t let potential customers slip away by not staying active on social. Let us help you grow your online presence today. Give us a call today to see how Next Wave can help your business.

Stay safe and stay healthy out there!


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