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Benefits Of A Mobile Friendly Website

Technology is constantly advancing and this has never been more prevalent when it comes to our portable devices. Before, we would need to carry a bag just for our phones and laptops were as heavy as dumbbells in the gym. Today, you can carry a smartphone in your pocket with all of the knowledge in the world. This is one of the reasons why you, as a business owner, need to make sure you have a website usable by mobile users.

Without a mobile friendly website, you will restrict many leads from buying your product or service. Additionally, just because you have a web page for mobile consumers doesn’t mean it’s best for them. You need to constantly update it so it’s on the newest and easiest version or else people will believe you are outdated in all aspects. Next Wave Services wants to make sure everyone can enhance their business through our services. Contact us if you have any questions or want to implement our process for a friendlier user experience.

Importance Of A Mobile Friendly Website

Over 80 percent of all adults, up to the age of 65, possess a smartphone and have as little as 63 interactions with it throughout the day. The dependency people have for their mobile phones have increased over the years and it’s expected to rise as time progresses. Additionally, up to 63 percent of users buy most of the stuff on their phone, which is why you need to make sure your website is usable to these people. This is millions of people waiting to visit your website.

When you have a mobile friendly website, you are creating a space where people can spend more time on it, which will create brand loyalty for your business. People are going to be doing most of their research on this platform and will immediately go to the website where they can buy their desired product from.

As a matter of fact, companies who have seamless usability for mobile users have been shown to attract more traffic then their outdated competitors. However, you should do your best to make sure the page loads quickly or else people will leave. A friendly mobile website will lead to higher pageviews and a lower bounce rate, too, but you should go with a web designer who has the skills to obtain all of these benefits.

Picking The Best Charlotte Web Design

There is no reason you should be hesitant about doing some research before picking a web designer. These people are going to be creating you a website so you should be completely confident with what they can do. This is why you should make sure they are wanting to have a conversation with you about what you want to do, have the services to accomplish what you want and are technologically savvy enough to handle any problem capable of appearing. Thankfully, Next Wave Services is a top-notch business you should consult.

Contact Next Wave Services Today!

Don’t feel pressured to go with the first website designer you find. Do some research on who is around you and if there are any local businesses wanting to help. Next Wave would love to be the person you turn to for assistance and we have testimonials from hundreds of business owners in Charlotte to attest to our skills. Use our special for a free audit to see what can be done to improve your website.


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