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Building Trust & Authority With Your Website

Updated: 15 minutes ago

There are many reasons why people choose to leave a website. If a website does not convey trust and authority, visitors are likely not going to become customers and your website will not rank well in search engines. Learn how Next Wave Services, a Charlotte web design agency, can help you convey trust and authority through your website.


If people do not see an SSL certificate on a website, they will not complete a purchase or fill out a form. Next Wave Services can help you by building you a website that includes an SSL certificate. Moreover, we can also add some design elements to your website that convey security. For example:

  • If you take payments online, we can include security symbols and the major types of cards that you accept.

  • We can stylize payment policy pages and design you a website with a sleek looking checkout.

  • We can also include terms of service and other key policies so visitors feel like your website is one they can trust.

Contact Information

Most people, around 6 out of 10 according to some research, will leave a website if they can’t find important contact information, like a form, live chat, phone number, or physical address for a business. Next Wave Services can help you optimize your website so that your contact information is in easy-to-find places. Moreover, we can help you set up the live chat widget on your website so that customers can get in touch with you if they need to.

Keeping Your Website Updated

Keeping your website updated is another way that Next Wave Services can help you make your website convey trust and authority. For example, we can help you with updating banners and images, designing a modern logo, and creating a chronological blog page. There are also other ways to convey trust and authority with a frequently updated website:

  • Photo gallery with recent photos from your social media channels.

  • Hours of operation that are updated throughout the year, especially during the holidays.

  • Regular posting of blog content that is timed for different holidays and seasons throughout the year.


Testimonials are another way to boost trust and authority with your website. If you have products that you sell online, ask customers to leave a review if they liked their purchase. You can also include testimonials on your website from Facebook, Google, Yelp, and Trust Pilot. Next Wave Services can help you incorporate testimonials into your website.

Work With a Leading Charotte Web Design Agency

Next Wave Services offers website design and website maintenance packages to help convey trust and authority on your websites. We also offer landing page design, logo design, and social media to help you bolster the authority of your brand.


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