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Conversion Rate Optimization for Wix Websites

Many people spend a considerable amount of effort trying to drive traffic to their website. Whether you are an ecommerce store or a service-based business, conversion rate optimization can help you turn your hard-earned traffic into customers for your business. Let’s take a look at some ways that you can improve conversions on your website over time with better calls-to-action.

Conversion Rate Optimization for Ecommerce Stores

There are several different ways to improve your conversion rate if you are an ecommerce store. These can range from changing the messaging on the buttons on your product pages to making product reviews being more prominent. Here are some things that you might want to try to increase conversions if you are an ecommerce store owner:

1. Change the messaging or color of your “add to cart” button.

Sometimes, people don’t think that the “add to cart” button can have an impact on the number of transactions or conversion rate. One of the things to keep in mind is that “add to cart” messaging tends to increase the actual amount of money people will spend on your website. When someone adds something to their cart, their mentality is often that they will continue shopping for more items.

If you are looking to increase the number of transactions on your website, sometimes, “buy now” is better messaging because it creates urgency when someone is shopping. For higher dollar items, you might want to consider using “buy now” as the text on your product page buttons.

Color also plays a role in psychology when someone is shopping online. Green, for example, can encourage someone to check out more quickly because it implies money. Amazon uses yellow on its buttons because yellow commands attention. Red can imply a sense of urgency. Ultimately, at the end of the day, your product, design of your website, and other factors will ultimately determine the colors that you use on your website.

2. Work on product descriptions that focus more on the benefits of your products.

Product descriptions also are a component of conversion rate optimization. Many ecommerce store owners will make the mistake of focusing solely on keyword optimization on their product descriptions. If you focus on the benefits of your products in the product descriptions of your store, you will command a better conversion rate because people will see the benefits of using your products.

3. Work on cross sell and upsell opportunities on your website.

Cross sells and upsells are a great way to increase conversion rates on your website. Cross sells are unique opportunities on your website where customers can buy a similar product in addition to what is already in their cart. Let’s say that you have an online apparel store. If you sell t-shirts, you might be able to get a customer to buy a matching hat.

Upsells are when you give customers the option to buy a better product than the one that they already have in their cart. An example for an online electronic store might be a situation where you offer customers a larger television, as an example.

Cross sells and upsells are a way to increase both your conversion rate as well as your average order size.

4. Increase the number of product reviews on your website and add trust.

Product reviews are one of the best ways to compel customers to buy a particular product. The more 5-star reviews a product has, the more likely a person is to buy it. There are several different ways, both online and offline that you can get customers to leave you reviews:

  • After a customer places an order on your ecommerce website, send them an automated email asking them to leave a review of the product once it has been delivered.

  • Give customers a discount on future purchases if they leave a review on your ecommerce store.

  • When you send an order to a customer, consider a business card that invites them to leave a review.

Conversion Rate Optimization For Service Businesses

If you don’t sell ecommerce products on your website, you likely depend upon leads and phone calls to acquire new customers. Here are some general tips for conversion rate optimization if you are a service-based business.

1. Consider placing important conversion elements no further than one-click away from the homepage.

If you have a lead form on your website, make sure that the form is accessible no further than one click away from the homepage. This will make it easier for people to inquire about goods and services from your business.

2. Make sure that your website has a clickable phone number above the fold on mobile.

If you want people to be able to easily call you, make sure that you have a clickable phone number above the fold. On smartphones, people are more likely to call your business than to fill out a lead form.

3. Make your lead form as short as possible.

Many businesses will take several different inputs on a lead form. The most important fields to take include name, phone number, and email address. For some types of questions, you may want to consider simplifying your form with things like radio buttons and dropdowns. Frictionless forms will result in better conversion rates.

4. Consider A/B testing different landing pages to determine the best design for conversion.

If you are doing paid ads on Google or Facebook, A/B testing can help you get better conversion rates. By creating different versions of pages with different designs and text, you can determine the ideal user experience for your website. When A/B testing, keep it simple. You only want to test one variable at a time. Here are some different things to consider testing:

  • You might want to work with different text on above-the-fold elements.

  • You could test different messaging on buttons.

  • Different images can also be tested on different landing pages.


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