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How Next Wave Services help you get a Custom Logo Design that builds your brand.

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

A brand’s logo design is a symbolic representation of the company’s identity. Brand image is how a brand is perceived by the customer. It has the power to impact how someone feels about your brand, before they know anything else about it.

When you can pair your brand’s symbol to the positive experiences your brand provides, your audience begins to implicitly trust you. So a logo design that accurately reflects a brand, its values and culture, effectively inspires trust..

That’s why Next Wave Services offers a collaborative approach to create a custom Logo Design that best represents your brand.


When people start to gather ideas for their logo, they usually begin by searching online to get one for free or for a lesser price. Unfortunately, trying to get a logo for free doesn’t mean getting the kind of logo that would best represent your brand. Business owners should be aware that free doesn’t always mean you own the rights to the logo or you are the only one using that logo.

Consider the following factors before creating a logo:

  1. What colors, font, and style do you need for your brand? Your logo must embody your entire brand style guide and can set the tone for your whole website and business marketing tools.

  2. Do you own the rights to the logo? Was this a custom work for you? Be careful of logo designers that are clip art or not made custom for your business.

  3. Does the logo have distinctive shapes. Keeping your logo simple is the best way to effectively communicate your brand.

  4. Choose your colors wisely. Stick to a combination with no more than 3 colors at max to prevent your logo from being too busy. Also consider if the logo will look good in greyscale

  5. Is the overall image both original and meaningful.


Even a simple logo can take several iterations to make it awesome. Most designs start with several suggested fonts and colors to see what resonates with the owner. Each version is sent to the client for them to choose which they like best. Next Wave Services makes sure that the logos they create grabs attention, makes a strong first impression, is the foundation of your brand identity, is memorable, separates you from competitors, and is expected by your audience.

To gain valuable feedback on your designs, be sure to request critical feedback from various sources. Ask a random selection of current or potential customers for their opinion. Solicit a variety of family and friends to get objective feedback.


Your logo will be posted everywhere once it’s created, from business cards to stickers, decals, apparel, marketing materials, brochures, office space, etc. It acts as your company representative so it must convey your brand’s narrative. Ensure you send the right message by having your logo be your best virtual sales man.


Next Wave is a Charlotte website design company. We have been doing websites since 1998. Our teams combined experience with websites touches all areas, SEO, Social Media, Graphics, Layouts, Mobile, and much more.


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