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Customizing Your Wix Website Theme

Wix is one of the most popular CMS platforms for small businesses, individual sellers, and other types of businesses. There are more than 4.2 million users who pay for a Wix subscription each month. If you are considering moving to Wix, Next Wave Services can help you develop a website that incorporates good UI/UX, works great on different browsers and screens, but most importantly, is friendly to both users and search engines.

Considerations for Good UI/UX With Wix Website Themes

Good UI/UX on a Wix website will help increase the number of converting clicks, as well as make user experience super easy. One example of a client that Next Waves Services has helped with UI/UX is Global Events. Here are some of the considerations that go into good UI/UX on a Wix website:

  • Not only must a website look great on desktop, it must be highly usable on both mobile and tablet devices.

  • All of the important goals on the website should be within at least one click of the homepage.

  • The “fold” is the section of a website that first loads on a screen before the person has to scroll. The most important call-to-action elements should be placed here.

  • Ideally, size 16 to 18 fonts will work well on some text heavy pages.

  • The most important pages of a website should be easily accessed through the menu.

Good SEO Considerations for Customizing Your Wix Website Theme

By default, Wix has a dynamically generated XML sitemap and robots.txt file. However, there are some tips that you should consider when launching your website that will make it great for SEO:

  • Write good, unique page titles and meta descriptions. The best practice for title tags includes frontloading the keyword followed by your business name. When it comes to formatting a blog title tag, you might want to consider a short call-to-action to entice readers to read the blog. Meta descriptions should be one to to short sentences that include the keyword and include a call-to-action sentence.

  • Headline tags are important for SEO. These are the bigger text headlines that appear before a longer body of paragraph copy on your webpage. Ideally, each page should have one H1 tag while H2 tags should dominate the headlines used on the page. Try to make the headline tag on a page include the keyword. H1 tags should generally be the tile of the page or the product while an H2 tag should summarize sections of the page and include the focus or related keywords that you are targeting.

  • Make sure that the URL of any page of your website includes the targeted keyword for the page. For example, if your page describes a service that you offer, the URL should be a keyword related to that service.

How Next Wave Services Can Help You Customize Your Wix Website and Make It Ready for Search Engines

You can easily make a Wix website on your own, but giving it that look and feel that will make it a winner with your customers is where Next Wave Services can help. With all of our website design services, we will:

  • Help you develop a blog page with a chronological posting format.

  • Submit your website to search engines and install GA to help you measure your website traffic.

  • Look at competitors in your space to help you design professional pages as well as a navigation menu.

  • Embed Google Maps on your site so that people can find you.

  • Create a high-quality website search so that people can find important pages on your website.

  • Include a clickable phone number and easy-to-complete contact form to help convert your visitors.


Next Wave is a Charlotte website design company. We have been doing websites since 1998. Our team's combined experience with websites touches all areas, SEO, Social Media, Graphics, layout, Mobile, and much more.


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