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Elements of a Great Blog For Your Website

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Are you looking to revamp your content strategy? Your blog is a great place to start doing this. As part of your website maintenance service with Next Wave Services, we can help you correctly format your blog so that you have great-looking content each month. Or, if you are looking for a website refresh, we can also help with getting you a nicely designed blog template. Let’s take a look at how Next Wave Services can help you have a great blog on your website.

What You Need In Your Blog For Great SEO

One of the things that you will need for your website’s blog is an SEO app. If you have a website designed with Next Wave Services, your setup includes an SEO app that will help you publish SEO-friendly content. Here is what your blog needs for great SEO:

  • A place to enter a compelling title tag for your blog so that you will rank well in search engine listings.

  • A meta description that will let potential visitors know what your posts are about before they click through to read them.

  • A human-friendly URL that includes the keyword so that Google can correctly index your blog posts.

Imagery and Banners

If you are on a website maintenance plan with Next Wave Services, part of your service each month can help you with design for your blog. If you want to publish a blog, we can help you select images, design infographics, and format these so that they look good on both mobile and desktop devices.

As a rule of thumb, you should try to have a featured image for your blog. A good rule of thumb for additional images is around 1 image for every 300 to 500 words of content that you use in your blog.

Formatting Your Blog

Your blog cannot simply be a wall of text. It should be broken up so that people can read it quickly. It should also have things like headlines so that people can skim it and understand what they are going to be reading. Here are some recommended formatting guidelines for your blog posts that Next Wave Services can help you implement:

  • Have a great title that includes the keyword.

  • Write a great introduction paragraph that is short, but tells your readers what they are getting into.

  • For longer blogs consider adding a table of contents so that readers know what they will be getting into.

  • Use headlines to break up paragraphs. For every 300 words, you should consider having one headline to explain what that section of the blog is about.

Consider Blog Categories

Blog categories are also another great way to better organize your website. If you have a website that is a cooking blog, as an example, you could have recipe categories. Another idea for categorizing blogs on your website is to organize them based upon how they are set up to align with your business services.

Is your business a non-profit organization? You might also need to consider having an events category on your blog so that people can easily find the events that you have scheduled for a given month.

Internal Linking For Your Blog

Your website’s blog should also link to other pages on your website. Let’s say that you are an accounting firm and your team has a blog about upcoming tax deadlines. You might want to consider doing internal links to tax prep resources on your website as well as the service pages that let people know about how they can sign up for your tax prep services.

Calls-To-Action In Your Blog

No website page is complete without calls to action. At the end of each of your blogs, you want to include information for people about how they can get in touch with your business about products and services. Another great way to get the most out of your blog is to have a way for people to sign up for your email list. This way, you can create email campaigns for people that want to engage with your blog.


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