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Getting Your Website In Shape for 2022

Are you looking to get your website up and running for 2022? Or maybe you are trying to refresh your existing website. Let’s take a look at how Next Wave Services, a Charlotte web design and maintenance company, can help you have a great looking website for 2022.

Mobile Optimization

In 2022, mobile is going to be the source of the majority of your website visitors. A good-looking website, on mobile, is going to have a readable font, buttons that are large enough for people to click, and images that aren’t too large, in terms of file size. For your website’s visitors, you will want to have a click-to-call number, as well as easy-to-use contact forms.

Getting Your Blog Up and Running

In 2022, writing blogs is going to be crucial to SEO. You will need imagery, properly formatted content, and an SEO app for your blogs in 2022. Next Wave Services offers a website maintenance program that can help you get your blog up and running. We also can help you format, customize, and design a new blog page if you are wanting to get up and running with a blog.

Being Active on Social Media

Social media is also an important part of running a website. As part of your website design and maintenance packages, we can help you with several different aspects of your social media profiles. For example, we can help you design a photo gallery for your website that can also be used on Instagram and Facebook. We can also help you with creating the right sizes and types of cover photos and custom logo profile picture for 2022 if you are looking for a refresh.

Having a Good SEO Setup For Your Website

If your website is older, you might not be set up correctly for SEO. Next Wave Services also will work with you to make sure you have all the right factors in place for ranking on your website when it launches or if you are looking to update a few things. Some of the things that we can help you with include:

  • An embedded map to make sure that your customers can find you.

  • We also can help with the setup of SEO tags through an app that is used on your website.

  • Making sure that your website is set up with correct headers, URLs, and other SEO must-haves in order to rank.

Let’s Get Your Website Ready for 2022

If you are looking to refresh your website in 2022, Next Wave Services is your website design partner based in Charlotte, NC. Give us a call today or visit our website to learn more about our website maintenance and design packages. We are a Wix partner and also specialize in CPA and non-profit websites.


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