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Hack Your Growth By Outsourcing Non-Revenue Generating Tasks

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

As the saying goes, "time is money." This means that ideally your time working on your business should be spent fulfilling high-priority tasks while those with low-importance are delegated; such as maintaining your website- from the initial process of building it to regularly maintaining it. By removing these, you and your employees will be positioned to achieve even higher levels of productivity and growth.

Low-value tasks are costly and time-consuming

There are only so many hours in each workday. So it's imperative for a smart entrepreneur to maximize that span of time to attain even higher levels of success. Conversely, those precious minutes or hours spent on low-value tasks means that your organization won't be making as much money as it could. When you or your employees are tasked with making reports, updating social media, posting blogs, and the like, you have less time to spend on strategic initiatives that will really benefit your company.

The unfortunate truth is that low-value tasks have a steep cost. Research shows that office workers spend around 69 days per year on repetitive paperwork, and this costs companies around the world a total of $5 trillion in lost productivity per year.

Considering that 29 percent of startups fold because they run out of cash, it behooves any sensible entrepreneur to boost the efficiency of their business and workforce. So that they’ll get more bang for their buck and get ahead in the game.

How can you give yourself and your team enough time to focus on truly important matters?

Simple, by outsourcing these repetitive and non-value-added activities to a team who can be trusted to fulfill them. And that’s what we provide here at Next Wave Services. Our website virtual assistants help businesses by managing their sites, handling the nitty-gritty technical matters so the team can focus on scaling up and growing their business.

You want your own employees to prioritize high value-added tasks that they're best suited for, which makes the most out of their accumulated experience, expertise and know-how. Things that only they can do. Like strategic planning, creative thinking, networking, building client relationships, and specialized technical work. That's what you're paying them to do.

On the other hand, stuff that anyone can do, especially time-consuming and repetitive ones, can be reliably delegated to a virtual workforce with the core competencies and skills required to handle these roles. These include:

  • Website design Building a website? Our virtual assistants are pros. You can leave the technical aspects to them and focus on the greater creative vision of the site and the business in general.

  • Customer support Our world-class accounts team is here to help. They can address any concerns, provide product training and education, and resolve issues quickly. At the same time, they are friendly, personable and always available - providing the process with a crucial human touch.

  • Website scalability As your brand evolves, so too must your website. Our website virtual assistants will be there with you throughout the process of revision, adjustment, and modification. So growing your site and customizing the platform will be made much easier.

Moreover, our website maintenance services come with software that makes the entire workflow process so much more streamlined and convenient with thorough security features. Everything is backed up, so if anything goes awry, disaster recovery and loss prevention are taken care of for you.

Empowering and liberating

Outsourcing the repetitive chores not only frees up your team’s time to do more profitable work, but also opens up more opportunities for everyone.

Opportunities for what, exactly? For career development. For pursuing the work they're actually good at, that they enjoy. For getting better at what they do and expanding their skill sets. By liberating them from drudgery, the workforce is free to do what they love, so job satisfaction will rise and the risk of burnout will diminish.

With outsourcing, you're helping your people become better and healthier!

Best for Business

At the end of the day, you want to go for what's most efficient and effective. Outsourcing non-revenue generating tasks is a surefire way to help businesses, their workforces, and entrepreneurs themselves. This way, everyone can focus on what they are truly best at and maximize their potentials. So work smarter, not harder, and go for Next Wave Service’s website maintenance and grow your business!


Next Wave is a Charlotte website design company. We have been doing websites since 1998. Our teams combined experience with websites touches all areas, SEO, Social Media, Graphics, Layouts, Mobile, and much more.


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