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Hiring the Best Website Maintenance Experts in Charlotte

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Looking for a website maintenance experts in Charlotte? The area has quite a lot of agencies and independent contractors who can build and maintain your website. They offer a variety of skills and capabilities, tools and techniques, differing levels of scalability, and overall services. So you need to sift through the choices and select the right team for your purposes. While there's always the temptation to find a single website designer on a site like Upwork, these venues don't offer enough information or vetting about a freelancer's background or expertise to aid you in making an informed decision. You can opt for stand-alone services such as SEO, but these won't be holistically integrated into a greater overall plan. So we've drawn from our experience in the field as a provider of website virtual assistant services to provide the following tips to help business owners make an informed choice:

Know Your Needs

What does your business offer? What are your plans for your organization? Where do you want to take it?

These have everything to do with your website design because the site's aesthetics and functionality must cohere with your business' operations, its marketing strategy and the scale of its activities.

Will it have an online store integrated in it? Should your website be mobile-compatible? Do you plan on leveraging blogs, image galleries, social media and feeds to promote your website and your business?

Web Page Creation

A website will need a healthy variety of pages as well. The general rule of thumb is that the more pages a site has, the more content the business can share. By providing audiences and customers the information they need, you’ll draw in more quality website traffic. This will increase the likelihood of generating leads for your sales team. And Google’s search engine algorithms will also take note of this.

Mobile Compatibility

Websites need to be redesigned and "mobilized" ASAP. Everything is mobile now, and by mobilizing a site more users can view the business’ products and services, click or contact it quickly, and have an enjoyable browsing experience that will make them more likely to return.


Authentic traffic due to unique and valuable content that draws in visitors and views will raise a site’s search rankings. This means a website needs unique articles, stories and images.

Lead Generation

The aforementioned items are all components of lead generation, which encompass a variety of approaches to target and reach audiences, draw them and convert them into followers, and ultimately generate returns from them and keep them as a loyal customer base.

Directory, Review Site and Listing Registration

The amount of backlinks, or other sites that link back to a site, will factor into its ranking on Google. Especially if these sites are verified, particularly major ones like Google My Business, Yelp, and search directories related to the business or website's field.

Leveraging Social Media

Sharing content through social media drives potential customers back to a business’ website so they can see all of the services being offered, information about the company and how to contact it.

Google Tools and Other Systems

These are web designers and website maintenance experts' instruments for collecting and reviewing data on Sites. Such as the keywords audiences are using to find you businesses, how many views each page is getting and more.

Site Security

Something any and every business should implement on their websites, not only to protect their organizations but also their customers from bad actors, errors and vulnerabilities.

Search Engine Optimization

It's the name of the game and encompasses an array of processes that will improve a website's visibility in search engines such as Google, and through that raise the number of visitors. For businesses, this increased traffic will be useful in generating more leads and returns.

Find a qualified agency to meet YOUR needs

Any web designer or website maintenance experts will have specialties they can offer you. You must consider what you need for your business in order to formulate a proper course of action.

So research website features and design strategies that will fit your business best. These can include:

Web Designers' Qualifications

At the end of the day, the fact of the matter is that your business would not partner with just any company. Your business deserves a partner who will fulfill their obligations satisfactorily so that your business' goals will be met, giving you the website you need to promote your brand, deliver your products and services, and reel in those customers. So your potential website designer or website virtual assistant has to have The Right Stuff. To ascertain this, you should look into the following:

Their portfolio

Assess the prior websites and projects the agency has delivered to other clients.


Gauge those glowing reviews to see if they are legit. You can even reach out to those reviewers to see if they are real business owners who stand by their statements. Ask them for details on their experiences working with the web designer. See how many years the agency has been doing a good job. A reputable agency must have full transparency regarding its past projects.

Reviews from other sources

Of course the agency's own site would collect the most positive reviews. So check out other review sites such as Yelp or Expertise to see what other business owners have to say. See what the employees themselves have to say on LinkedIn or GlassDoor.

Contact Information on key staff

Want to know if an agency is real? See if their crew is actually real. Reach out to their representatives and verify their affiliations and past projects. LinkedIn is good for this.


You're making a big decision, so you have to make sure you are making the right move. Your business has specific goals for its website and you can't afford to squander time, money or resources on a poorly defined project that will meander. You want your goals met effectively and promptly. And you don't want a protracted project that turns into a money sink with perpetual revisions and a subpar product that might have to be rebuilt from scratch later on, all because you opted to pay peanuts. A bad outcome will not only hamper your business and its budget, it might also turn off current and potential customers. On the other hand, an ideal outcome that produces a smoothly running website will enhance your operations, please customers and draw new ones as well. So don't leave this important choice to chance.

With our combined expertise and experience, Next Wave Services' team of website maintenance experts deliver the results our clients need and pay for. Want more information on how our team can help your business? Feel free to contact us today.


Next Wave is a Charlotte website design company. We have been doing websites since 1998. Our teams combined experience with websites touches all areas, SEO, Social Media, Graphics, Layouts, Mobile, and much more.


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