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How to create a LinkedIn company page in 7 minutes

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Do you want to use LinkedIn to promote your business but you don't have an account yet? Well, you've come to the right place. Just tag along and we will help you get your company page setup on LinkedIn in just a few minutes.

Why LinkedIn Company Page?

A LinkedIn business page helps your business showcase how committed you are to the niche you operate in. Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is where most business-minded people like you hang out. Your company page helps them know about your brand, your business nature, and even job opportunities. You can also showcase employees through a company page and they can serve as your brand ambassadors. It functions like a landing page - Claim, proof, call to action.


  • You need to have a personal account with your correct information.

  • Your personal profile must be at least seven days old.

  • Profile strength must be at least intermediate

  • You must have several connections already

  • Your company's domain must be unique as it cannot be used more than once to create a company page.

  • Domains like,, or generic emails are not allowed to be used for a company page

Let's get started:

  • Click on the Work icon located at the top right corner of your homepage. Click Create a Company Page.

  • Choose the page type you'd like to create that best suits your business/organization.

  • Enter your Page Identity, Company Details, and Profile Details. Be sure to use a clear logo.

  • Make sure you confirm that you have the right to act on behalf of that company in the creation of the page. Click Start Building Your Page.

  • Complete your page by adding a cover image, location details, and content.

  • Edit the info in the About Section. -Update your Overview. Add a description of your business. Quick Tip -Add a compelling summary. If you get someone to scroll down to see your description, that means you got their interest. -Add your Specialties. Quick Tip- Make sure to use relevant keywords to make your page easier to crawl by search engines. -Add your location. It makes your company page discovered easily.

  • Update your Overview. Add hashtags and groups.

  • Quick Tip-Make sure to list out your products or services and highlight the most important one.

Post compelling content regularly on your company page. Remember, videos sell!

There you go. You have the information you need to get started with your LinkedIn company page. Keep us posted on how your page does online. We would love to see you rock!


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