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Improving Your Website for 2023: Setting Clear Goals

Updated: Jun 21

Saying "we want a better website" is akin to saying "we want a better business." However, without well-thought-out goals, your updated website might not get you where you need to be. So, what are your most important website goals for 2023? Whether it's earning more profits, enhancing customer satisfaction, gaining more customers, or disseminating more information, your website goals should be integrated into the core objectives of your online presence.

Here are the top 5 website goals for growing your business in 2023:

Website Goal #1: Boosting Sales

As expected, increasing sales from your website remains a top priority for most businesses offering services or products. If you operate an e-commerce or SaaS website, this is where you should channel your primary efforts. Crafting a website design that prioritizes user-friendliness, fast response times, and customer-centricity can significantly impact your business growth. Measure the success of your website redesign by comparing the number of paying customers before and after the update. Assess the quality of web traffic and conversion rates as well. To succeed in this goal, focus on improving sales support alongside your website redesign. Quick and professional communication between the sales team and customers will solidify your sales.

Website Goal #2: Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

Supporting both existing and potential customers is an obvious goal for any website. Improving user experience and service can go a long way in establishing and maintaining customer relationships. Whether your website features a member portal, online customer accounts, or SaaS-based tools, catering to your customers' needs is crucial. Offer a quick and easy website that enables customers to handle tasks such as making appointments, accessing member information, and paying bills effortlessly. A customer-centric website design ensures they return for more information and purchases.

Website Goal #3: Generating and Converting Leads

While your ultimate goal may be to secure sales, generating qualified leads is equally important. You must drive potential customer traffic to your website and capture their information for future engagement. The method of capturing this information depends on your website type and the data you require. Some companies use pop-ups after a few minutes on a page, while others opt for subtler methods like encouraging visitors to "sign up for our newsletter" in exchange for valuable information.

Website Goal #4: Growing Brand Awareness

For businesses looking to educate users about their products or services without necessarily selling them online, the website serves as a tool to grow brand awareness. Non-profit organizations are a great example of this approach. They aim to build a following that believes in their mission. The primary focus of their website design is to raise awareness around the brand. This is a common goal for marketing departments seeking to attract and engage website visitors for informational purposes.

Website Goal #5: Enhancing Operational Efficiency and Optimization

Websites can also contribute to the efficiency of information flow and tasks in the customer journey, thereby reducing overhead costs. By integrating the website with the company's CRM, accounting software, customer support system, project management system, document management, inventory system, and more, businesses can reduce costs by eliminating the need for manual updates. HR and management can also benefit from an intuitive website design, allowing employment applications to be submitted online, tracking employee satisfaction through surveys, and measuring ROI for the sales department.

If you're considering a website update with these goals or others in mind for 2023, don't hesitate to contact Next Wave Services. We're here to help you bring your ideas to life and navigate the evolving landscape of website standards and strategies.


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