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In-depth Guide To Set Up Google My Business

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Google My Business (GMB) is a crucial part of your SEO for your website. More than 50% of consumers that visit a business performed an online search first via Google. Consumers also look for reviews and company information on Google. If you haven't set up your GMB account already, you need to do it now.

Setting up your GMB profile is very critical. You need to make sure all information you put is accurate. If you put yourself in a consumer's mindset, you would not trust a business that has incorrect information listed.

Follow these instructions below to get your GMB account set-up correctly.

  1. Set up a new Google Business Account. Go to and click ‘Manage Now’.

  2. Type your business name. You will see an auto-complete function to let you know if you have duplicate business names with other businesses in your region. This is to avoid accidental duplication of businesses.

  3. Put your business location. Please note that if you don’t have a physical address or you are an online business, you may tick the box that says “hide my address”. Make sure you tick the “I deliver goods” box if you deliver goods.

  4. Specify service areas Put one or more regions, cities, or ZIP codes that your business serves. This is for Google to recommend you to searches in those areas.

  5. Choose your business category. Make sure that you choose the category that best suits your business. Note that you are able to adjust this later.

  6. Add a contact phone number and website URL. These are not required but we highly recommend this. We want you to take advantage of this as it will help your website's domain authority plus this adds to the possibility of customers calling you.

  7. Complete your Google My Business Verification. Google has to verify your business. Select on the three options they have: *Postcard verification *Phone verification *Email verification Postcard verification is the most common verification used. Google will send a postcard to the address you entered earlier. Once you receive it, you can enter the code to your GMB account to verify your business. The two other options are only available if you have verified your business website with Google Search Console.

Now you have your Google My Business account setup. You may now further optimize it by adding photos and videos, or adding a business description. You can also add service menus and product collections. Then start asking for reviews from your customers through Google My Business and manage them there.


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