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In This Age Your Website Must Be Mobile-Compatible!

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

People spend so much time online with their smartphones. Devices are convenient, so they’re easier to use than desktops or laptops, especially when you’re on the move.

In fact, according to a study, nearly three quarters of the world will use just their smartphones to access the internet by 2025. So, what does this mean for your business? It means your website better be viewable on cellphones, tablets and even TV monitors. If it's viewable only on PCs and laptops, or if it's not that compatible with mobiles, then you'll fall behind your competitors!

Still, "mobilizing" a site poses its own challenges on web designers. But it's better than making a separate site just for smartphones, since Google's algorithms don't look too kindly on that. So it's best to have one site that works for all devices well.

Websites need to be redesigned and "mobilized" ASAP. Everything is mobile now, and by mobilizing your site more users can view your products and services, click or contact you quickly, and have an enjoyable browsing experience that will make them more likely to return.

Thankfully, your friendly website maintenance experts at Next Wave can help you with that. We'll make sure your website makes sense on a cellphone screen, on a tablet, and other devices. Ensuring every click with a mouse, touchpad or thumb on a screen looks perfect. Pertinent information like phone numbers, maps, products and services will also be legible no matter what device they're using.

So check your own website out on your phone. See if customers would be willing to navigate it, or if it gives them headaches. Does it need mobilizing? If so, you know who to call.


Next Wave is a Charlotte website design company. We have been doing websites since 1998. Our teams combined experience with websites touches all areas, SEO, Social Media, Graphics, Layouts, Mobile, and much more.


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