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Next Wave Services Makes Designing Your Site Easy

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Websites are meant to make things more convenient, particularly for your customers who should have an easier time accessing your products and buying. However, web design, setting up a website and maintaining it can be a real headache. And even a perfectly serviceable site for startups and small businesses might not scale up very well as the business grows, necessitating thorough upgrades. Thankfully, with Next Wave Services, you can avoid the time-consuming and potentially resource-intensive process that goes behind designing your site.

Just leave it to the website maintenance experts! We're a website maintenance and design company specializing in innovative and cost-effective solutions that will get you the website that will meet your needs and more. Here’s why we’re different from the rest:

Real Connections

Our team is keen on building real relationships with our clients so we can understand what their brands and businesses are about, and what kind of design they require. To do this we match our clients with designers, so won't be dealing with a faceless company but someone who knows you by name and responds to your needs promptly.

Customized Solutions

Due to this connection, you won't be getting generic fixes but ones devised specifically for your unique needs. We believe that this is the best way to go about our business and make a real impact in helping our clients grow, transform and reach new heights in their chosen endeavors.

Creativity and Initiative

Web design is more than just coding or “engineering,” we know it’s an art as much as it is a science. To create a site that will catch viewers and customers’ attention, an interface that’s easy to use and navigate, a product that won’t cause headaches on either front end or back end? That takes real skill.

We’ve got the right website virtual assistants for the job, who’ll see what you need, who’ll absorb your instructions, and also have the discretion and initiative needed to innovate and get creative - to give you the site you want and do your brand justice.

Efficient, Effective and Worry-Free

With our services, you can rest easy knowing that your web design needs will be met and exceeded! We’ve got your back with our team of friendly, agile, creative and meticulous virtual assistants. Gone are the days of sending instructions that will be ignored or misunderstood, fretting over endless revisions and ultimately receiving sub-par results. Now you’ll get the web design solutions you and your brand deserve!


Next Wave is a Charlotte website design company. We have been doing websites since 1998. Our teams combined experience with websites touches all areas, SEO, Social Media, Graphics, Layouts, Mobile, and much more.


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