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Next Wave's New Website Maintenance HQ: Charlotte, N.C.

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Next Wave Services has an exciting new announcement to make: the city of Charlotte, NC will be the new headquarters for our website maintenance operations. This great locale, the beating heart of North Carolina, will be the center for our experts who are building state of the art pages for our clients.

A Key Location

Charlotte is the largest city in the state of North Carolina, so it’s a hub of modernity and development. According to the US Census, it tops the US in millennial population growth and is the third-fastest growing major city in the nation. The city is also the corporate headquarters of the Bank of America and the east coast operations of Wells Fargo. Looks like we're in good company.

So what better place to serve as the primary base for our website maintenance services? Here our website maintenance experts will work their website design magic, building better pages and giving our clients the innovative and cost-effective solutions they need.

A Pleasant Place

Nicknamed the Queen City, Charlotte is a great place for a wide range of demographics. From city slickers to outdoors types and foodies. The modernizing locale has that right balance of southern charm and refined cosmopolitan feel.

So while the place is a hub of development, it's not some bleak cyberpunk landscape. Half the city is covered by tree canopies, making it perfect for walks. There are plenty of trails and greenways, and nature preserves, lakes and rivers are also close by. You can already imagine Next Wave having team activities like rock climbing, zip lines and kayaking.

In short, even as it stays true to its North Carolina roots, Charlotte is still surging ahead into the future. It’s a growing community and the 16th largest city now, which means lots of tech companies are coming to the area. Including cutting edge website development companies like yours truly. Situating our HQ here was the logical choice - and we are most definitely glad to be here.

On a side note, the food here is great too. Charlotte is a culinary destination so we won’t be short on fine cuisine!

Quality Services from a Quality Location

Here at Next Wave Services we pride ourselves on the standard and effectiveness of our services. These are, in turn, due to our expert staff, and their inspired work is in no small part due to our charming locale. Creativity and initiative don't emerge spontaneously. Factors, from personal to environmental, cultivate these. Like being in a city where pleasant walks in the park, mouth-watering servings of barbecue and cosmopolitan conveniences are accessible.

In short, by being headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Next Wave Services will be able to bring even better website maintenance services to the table. The best has yet to come!


Next Wave is a Charlotte website design company. We have been doing websites since 1998. Our teams combined experience with websites touches all areas, SEO, Social Media, Graphics, Layouts, Mobile, and much more.


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