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Strategies for SEO Success During Website Redesigns

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Website redesigns can be exciting – a chance to give your website a refreshing new look and feel. But, if you’re not careful, a website redesign can also be detrimental to your SEO. To ensure that your website redesign is successful, it’s important to have an SEO plan in place and understand the top strategies for SEO success during website redesigns.

Choose Keywords Carefully

One of the most important steps in any website redesign is choosing the right keywords. The keywords you choose will determine how visible your site is on search engine results pages (SERPs). In order to choose the right keywords, research which words and phrases people are typing into search engines when looking for products or services related to yours. Once you have identified these keywords, use them strategically throughout your web content — including headings, titles, URLs and meta descriptions — to maximize their impact.

Optimize Your Site Structure

Another key element of any successful website redesign is optimizing your site structure. This means creating a hierarchy of content within your site that will allow users to easily navigate from one page to the next and find what they’re looking for quickly. For example, if you have multiple product pages on your site, try organizing them by category so that users don’t have to scroll through hundreds of individual product pages before finding the one they need. This type of intuitive navigation will make it easier for users to find what they’re looking for — and easier for search engines to index your content accurately as well.

Migrate Content Strategically

Finally, when it comes to optimizing for SEO during a website redesign, it’s important not to forget about migrating existing content from one platform or domain to another. If you simply copy over existing content without making any changes or updates, this could negatively affect both user experience and search engine rankings alike. Take the time before the transition begins to review all existing content on both sites and make sure that everything looks up-to-date and relevant before proceeding with the migration process.

A successful website redesign requires more than just picking out colors or fonts — it requires thoughtful planning in order to ensure that all of your SEO efforts don’t go down the drain in the process. By following these three strategies — choosing keywords carefully, optimizing your site structure and migrating content strategically — you can help ensure that your next website redesign goes off without a hitch! With proper preparation and implementation, you can turn a simple facelift into an opportunity for increased visibility on SERPs long after launch day has come and gone!


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