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The Basics of Landing Page Design

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Landing pages used in paid digital marketing are designed to capture leads or promote products and services. A well-designed landing page can increase conversions and make one of your campaigns successful. Wix makes it easy to build landing pages for your website and Next Wave Services can help you design high-converting landing pages for your website. Let’s take a look at the different components of a highly successful landing page:

1. Your Value Proposition

Your unique selling proposition is the core of your landing page. What problem is your product or service trying to solve? You should describe the problem in a few words as a headline and then give a few bullet points as to how your product or service solves that problem. Further down on the landing page, you should have a supporting statement as well as a closing section that future elaborates on your unique selling proposition.

2. The Imagery

Landing pages should also include a hero image. Your hero image allows people to understand what your unique value proposition is. When selecting photography for your hero image, make sure that it aligns with your product or service and the problem that it solves. Hero images that depict people using your product or service can help boost conversion rates on your landing pages.

3. Features and Benefits

Any of the content above the fold on your landing page will tell potential customers about the problem your product or service solves. There should be a features and benefits section on your landing page that elaborates further. The best features and benefits sections on landing pages will use three to five bullet points to sum up the advantages of your product or services.

4. Strength In Numbers

Social proof is another powerful way to improve conversions on your landing page. Social proof tells potential customers that other people have used your products and services to a high level of success. Some techniques of social proof include:

  • Customer reviews and testimonials

  • A count of how many customers have used your products and services

  • Trust seals, such as accreditations, to establish a rapport with customers

  • Any awards that your business has received

  • Logos of other businesses that have used your products and services

5. Close the Deal With a Strong Call-To-Action

The best landing pages avoid words like “submit” or “click here.” When designing calls-to-action for your website, think about delivering what you promised with your unique selling proposition. For example, if you are a consulting business, the button on your landing page forms could say, “Grow my business.” Other good examples of strong calls-to-action include action-oriented words, like “Start now.” The stronger your call-to-action, the better your conversion will be.

Use Next Wave Services for Landing Page Design

If you are looking for a partner to help you design powerful landing pages, look no further than Next Wave Services. We are a Wix Partner and can design you landing pages for your next digital marketing campaign.


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