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Top 5 Goals For Your Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce is an enticing way to make money online. Whether you are wanting to put your brick and mortar store’s products online or you are wanting to sell something out of your home, Next Wave Services can help you design an ecommerce website that will convert. Let’s take a look at some of the goals you should think about when setting up your ecommerce website with Next Wave Services.

Goal #1: Organize your products in a meaningful way

When you organize your ecommerce store’s products, you will want to think about how your customers are going to find them on your website. Like products should go together in categories and be organized into your ecommerce website’s main navigation. When setting up your product categories, you will want to think about search terms that people might use to find your categories on search engines. If your ecommerce website uses product categories correctly, fewer people will have to use the site search feature to find the products that they are looking for.

Goal #2: Think about an easy checkout experience for your customers.

Making an easy checkout experience for your customers will help you increase sales. Here are few things to think about when making checkout easy:

● If customers on your website will buy more products than just one, you might want to consider a redirect to the “shop” page after they have added a product to the cart.

● If you anticipate customers buying only one product during a checkout, you might want to consider directing them to the “cart” page after they have added a product to the shopping car.

Other things that can make checking out easy on the website include having a clear shipping policy and other store policies where people can find them.

Goal #3: How do you want to upsell your customers?

There are a wide variety of different ways to upsell your customers. When you build your ecommerce website, you will want to make sure to have a “related products” gallery set up. For example, if someone is looking at a shirt or top on your website, a related products gallery might suggest a pair of pants or shoes that go well with that top.

Other ways to upsell your customers include discounts. Free shipping over a certain dollar threshold or a cart discount for first time orders will help you bolster your ecommerce revenue.

Goal #4: Make sure your customers can get updates on their orders

When a customer orders from your online store, you want to make sure that they get simple updates on their order all the way until it is delivered. They will want to know if their order has been processed, when it is shipped, and when they can anticipate it arriving. If you time it right, you will be able to get them their tracking number via an automated email.

You might also want to consider an email newsletter for customers. Once they have bought something, if they opt into marketing, feel free to send out a newsletter each month with product offerings and discount codes.

Goal #5: Make your website help you give stellar customer service

There are a few things that will help customers have a great experience when they buy on your website:

● Make sure you have live chat, an email contact form, or phone number so that customers can get a hold of you if they have questions.

● Include an FAQ for your most popular products that answers questions about basic things, like features.

● Make sure your website is fast, free of errors, and has updated content on all your popular products to give customers the perfect checkout experience.

If you are looking to launch your ecommerce website in the next several months, reach out to Next Wave Services. We do ecommerce websites for our clients and these will help you get your business up and running!


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