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Top 5 Questions To Ask When Choosing a Charlotte Web Designer

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Are you thinking about working with a web design agency? When choosing a web design agency, there are a few things to keep in mind, such as their portfolio, their design process, and what maintenance options are available after they launch your website.

Does the Potential Web Design Agency Have a Portfolio That Suits Your Business?

When choosing a web design agency to work with, take a quick look at their web design portfolio. You want to choose an agency that has a background in making websites for your type of business. Next Wave Services, a Charlotte web design agency, specializes in websites for nonprofit organizations and certified public accountants. They have also built websites for home inspection services, audio-visual production services, and other businesses. A Next Wave Services specialist can schedule a consultation with you to start crafting your next website.

What Is the Website Design Process Like?

A website design from Next Wave Services starts with you telling us what you need. We’ll carefully listen to your input and make sure that you have a beautifully designed blog page, we’ll format your content to look great on the website, and we’ll make sure that images and videos are correctly placed so that your website looks great on mobile devices. We also offer custom logo design services so that you can have a fresh new look and feel for your website. In addition, we also respond quickly to any input that you might have for your new website.

What Types of Partnerships Does The Web Design Agency Have?

When choosing a Charlotte web design agency, you want to pick an organization that is established. Next Wave Services is a member of the Wix Partner Program. Over the years, this has helped us learn how to give better service to clients and build better relationships.

What Do Other Clients Say About The Web Design Agency

A 5-star reputation is important for a web design agency. Next Wave Services is a Charlotte web design agency with a stellar 5-star reputation. Some of our clients have left us reviews that highlight our exceptional professionalism, responsiveness, and value.

What Happens After My Website Goes Live?

After your website goes live, you want to make sure that you have a team to support you to make changes to the website as you need them. Next Wave Services also offers a website maintenance service. We have website maintenance services starting at $99/month. These include unlimited changes and revisions to your website. Our more advanced packages include an SEO meeting, real-time collaboration via Slack, and other services.

Why Choose Next Wave Services As Your Charlotte Web Design Agency?

Next Wave Services offers top-of-the line web design services. Our plans are affordable and we have a great reputation with our customers. If you are looking for a new website, feel free to reach out.


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