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Top Goals For Your Website’s Blog

Your website that you’ve had Next Wave Services build for you comes with some neat features, especially with its blog section. Your blog is an important part of your website and will help you drive a ton of traffic from search engines, share important content with your followers on social media, and develop a library of content for users on your website. Let’s take a look at some of the goals you should set for your website’s blog:

Goal #1: Create meaningful content often

According to Hubspot research, the website owner that regularly blogs gets about 55% more organic traffic than those websites that don’t. Blogs send several important signals to search engines, including:

● Signals about what keywords they should rank your website for.

● That the website is being updated regularly with relevant content.

● That your site is more appealing to websites that don’t blog regularly.

Goal #2: Create a content calendar that you stick to

If you are going to be doing a lot of blogging, it might be helpful to set up a calendar for creating content. Next Wave Services can help you with embedding media and formatting the content so that it looks appealing on your website. Your content calendar can include:

● Focus keywords that you want to rank for.

● The article title.

● A description for your writing team to write an article to your specifications.

Goal #3: Always have pictures or a video to go along with your blog

Nothing causes your blog visitors to leave more quickly than a wall of text when they land on your website. If you have a featured photo and a few photos that go along with your blog post, such as pictures of your products and services, your blog post will attract more converting traffic.

Goal #4: Have a demographic in mind for each piece of content you publish

When you create a blog post, have a demographic in mind as you are writing your content. You can speak to your demographic by including content that focuses on:

● A particular age group of your common customers.

● Products or services that the demographic might be likely to purchase.

● Informational content that is relevant to your customers.

Goal #5: Share Your Blog Post on Social Media

Your blog posts should be shared on all of your social media channels. Not only does this let your followers know that you have new content, but it keeps your feeds looking fresh. Additionally, you should share your content on Google My Business. This will make it look like your business is active and people will be able to see your GMB post and blog when they do a Google search.

YouTube is also a good place to share a video that highlights your blog. You can include a link to your blog in the YouTube video description.


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