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Top Reasons To Custom Design Your Logo

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

If you are a small business owner, you may be wondering whether or not you should budget some amount of money for a custom logo design. Hands down, any money spent on your logo is a good investment because it is how people will identify with and remember your business. Let’s take a look at the top reasons that you should consider a custom design for your logo.

Reason #1: A custom logo defines your branding strategy

Your logo will appear on your website, your social media profiles, and your printed signage for your business. A custom logo design can help make sure that your business is readily identifiable wherever it appears for your business. A custom logo is important because 60% of people are more likely to purchase from a brand that they identify with.

Reason #2: A certain amount of professionalism in your logo design goes a long way

Your logo should be done professionally. When a custom logo is designed for you by a professional company like Next Wave Services, your logo will be sized correctly for online and print media, look great no matter the medium, and be an eyecatcher. One of the benefits of having a professionally done logo is that if you need to send a flier to your local printer, your logo can be added to the flier without worrying about how the quality will appear.

Reason #3: A custom logo conveys your message to your customers

Your professionally done logo will convey your brand’s values and core messages to customers. For example, if you sell environmentally friendly products, your logo can be colored in a way to convey that. Your custom logo will appear on print media about your business, social media, and other places. When you see your custom logo, you should be able to immediately know what message it conveys to your customers.

Reason #4: Your custom logo will let you build out creative and advertising media

If you ever choose to do print advertising, Facebook ads, or other types of advertising, your logo will be a central component of these advertisements. Having a professionally designed logo will let you determine the colors, vectors, and other elements that you incorporate into your paid marketing and advertising.

Reason #5: A professionally done logo will separate you from the competition

If you have a sharp logo, it will set you apart from the competition. In a recent report by Renderforest, 75% of consumers said that they identified with a brand by its logo (while others recognized color and other branding tenets as ways that they remembered a brand). People also believe that logos are a work of art. 78% of consumers picked a brand over another because the logo appeared more professional according to research by a company called Study Finds.


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