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Wix Marketing Integrations For Your Business Website

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

If you are new to Wix, you will be astounded at the many integrations that help you run your business digitally. Let’s take a look at some of the different marketing integrations that come with your Wix website that Next Wave Services can help you set up to grow your online business.

Facebook Marketing With Wix Websites

Unlike WordPress and other more complex ecommerce platforms, Wix makes it super easy to do Facebook campaigns for your business. The Facebook pixel is a little piece of code that goes on every page of your website. Next Wave Services can help you install this piece of code as part of your website design or website maintenance package. Here are some of the benefits of using Facebook marketing in combination with Wix:

  • You can publish your product catalog on Facebook from Wix.

  • You can launch Facebook ads from within your Wix backend.

  • You can also see how many people purchase products or services from your website with the Facebook pixel.

Google Ads With Wix Websites

Wix also integrates with Google Ads, to make your SEM efforts easier. The Wix backend seamlessly integrates all of your tags, and can easily be set up by your Next Wave Services account manager. Within minutes, you’ll be able to start tracking conversions from your Google Ads and reach people on search engines.

Google Analytics

While not a marketing tool in and of itself, Google Analytics is a very important and powerful tool for measuring your website’s performance. This little snippet of code also goes on your Wix backend and tracks all of your traffic, the activities that happen on your website, and the buyer journey.


Wix has a lot of resources for contact management, including live chat, booking, and contact forms. However, one integration that every website must have is an email campaign manager. MailChimp has been around for years and is one of the easiest email marketing platforms to use. Wix will add your contacts to your MailChimp automatically to help you start emailing your contacts, ranging from abandoned cart emails to newsletter campaigns.

Remarketing Apps

There are a wide variety of remarketing apps available through Wix that your Next Wave account manager can help you set up. Remarketing allows you to track people who are visiting your current website and then show them ads based upon the page that they visited. Remarketing is a great way to convert people who have abandoned the cart in your ecommerce store or didn’t complete a form on your website.

What App Do You Need For Your Wix Website?

There are tons of marketing integrations for your Wix website. Ranging from apps that can help you find dropshipping products to apps that display social proof on your website, your Next Wave Services account manager can help you integrate these with your website.


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