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How Next Wave Improved Our Online Ranking with Search Engine Optimization

Next Wave Services case study with an image of the company's website in different devices.

Our Story:

Next Wave Services is a website design and maintenance company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. We help businesses of all sizes update and maintain their website in a proactive and purposeful way. Next Wave Services was born from the idea that everyone needs access to a seamless, reliable, responsive, and professional website that is maintained on a consistent basis.


Our Goals:

  • Improve the design and functionality of the Next Wave website to enable easier browsing and a stronger experience for our clients.

  • Enhance the blog and resource content with proper call-to-action buttons and testimonials

  • Improve brand consistency in everything we do

  • Increase overall trust and credibility through an improved overall experience

The Solution:

We did lots of homework. We surveyed our existing customers, and asked potential new ones what they expected. We reviewed past statistics and information available and laid out a detailed plan. The team decided that in order for us to stand proudly as a Charlotte website design and maintenance company, our own website needs to not only be attractive but also offer the best experience for our users.

Some of the ways we achieved this included:

  • Proper keywords to drive traffic.

  • Responsive website design to optimize the website on all devices

  • Drafting a brand guide to ensure consistency in our branding.

  • Add reviews and case studies to enhance credibility

  • Add calls to action where missing

next wave services old site.png

Our Success:

The improved Next Wave website is fun, modern, and reflects the high level of professional experience that clients can expect from working with our company. We’ve showcased our depth of expertise with concise content and smooth navigation. The new Services pages provide a more engaging explanation of services while driving SEO goals. Client reviews enable company credibility and call to action engage conversions.

Next Wave Services image of the current
Next Wave Services image of the current
Next Wave Services image of the current

This is just one example of how website design and website maintenance can greatly contribute to a business, resulting in improvements in terms of income, growth, and expanded operations!

If you’re looking for quality web design services, or website maintenance experts who will meet your business' requirements, we warmly invite you to reach out to us and see what Next Wave Services has to offer your brand. 

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