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7 Website Design Principles You Should Know

When you are creating or maintaining a website, it is important to stay up to date with the latest industry trends and your current website design elements. Sometimes, it can get overwhelming to try to keep up with constant changes. That is why it is important to consider important website principles of design that will help reduce the amount of maintenance required.

Charlotte web design company, Next Wave Services has the knowledge you need to apply these website design principles to your website. Check out these seven website design principles every company should know.

Readable Typography

One of the most important things to consider with text is making sure that you design using a readable font and typography design. Simply put, most customers will ignore text that they can’t read at first glance.

“F” or “Z” Pattern Reading

Using an offset layout with your design will make it more enjoyable to read and be easier on your visitor’s eyes. The two most successful layouts to use with text are to use an “F” or “Z” page layout pattern.

Negative Space

Negative space can be a very useful element of design that will improve your audience’s experience. When there are too many things happening on the page, it can be visually overwhelming making it hard to understand or navigate. Negative space, or the space between images and text, can be as much of a design tool as the images themselves.

Visual Hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is apparent in many different areas of website design, however, it is considered an important principle of design by itself. In short, visual hierarchy is how you arrange elements on a webpage by how important it is to the viewer. This includes guiding the user's eye through the use of size, typography, color, texture, imagery, and other design elements.

User Experience

The user experience is also an important factor to consider in your design process. This is the part of the design process where you should consider how the elements of your design relate to your message and, in turn, how that message is communicated to your unique audience through your design. In other words, what design elements is your audience most likely to relate to?


Balance and symmetry play a huge role in design readability, and ultimately, functionality. With the use of symmetry or asymmetry, a design is more likely to be readable and understandable for the audience.

Include Desktop and Mobile Design

Website design should not be limited to one platform. Since websites are viewed on a variety of devices, their designs should be optimized for any type of device. Including mobile capabilities in your web design is a key design principle that has measurable business results. In fact, 54% of online purchases are made through mobile devices.

If you are looking for a killer Charlotte website design, these seven principles of design are sure to kick start the design process for you. If you ever need more help, Next Wave Services is ready to provide some insight into your website design.


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