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Getting Your Non-Profit Website Ready For The Holiday Season

Updated: Jun 21

You are already aware of the importance of having a website these days. For many people, the internet is their primary source of information. People assume you're not a professional organization if you don't have a website. People will wonder if they can trust you with their money if your website is obsolete or looks amateur.

So, before guests arrive at your website, it's important to spend the time now to double-check that everything is in perfect shape. You don't want people to leave because they can't find or use the Donate page, especially if you could have fixed it in 30 minutes.

Make Your Donate Button Easily Visible

Whether you think a large, conspicuously placed Donate Now button is "cheesy" or "obnoxious," the truth is that it improves online donations. Green Donate buttons outperform red ones, according to research; nonetheless, colored buttons always outperform black or grey ones.

Avoid making people look for the contribution page. Some websites have long drop down menus that say something generic like "Get Involved," and when a donor clicks on it, they have to browse through 3-4 different pages before reaching the page where they enter their credit card information - try and avoid this.

Use Real-Life Stories On Your Donate Page

People give for a variety of reasons. People donate from the bottom of their hearts, as a result of an emotional reaction rather than a logical one. It's all about the heart, not the mind.

According to a Google report, video is an effective tool on a Donate Now website, with 57 percent of respondents indicating they donated after watching a charity's footage online! Use video to tell a compelling story. Many free materials are available on how to make a quality film on a tight budget for nonprofit storytelling.

Use a Trusted Donation Gateway

When giving money online, safety is crucial. You should make sure that you have seals on your website showing that your website has an SSL and is safe for payments. You should also let people know if you use a donation gateway that takes them off the website.

Thank Donors For Their Kindness Straight Away

People do not want to wait for a thank-you note in the mail or even an email if they donate online.

After they click the "process donation" button, have a "Thank you" message appear on the screen. If you want to earn bonus points, make it a Thank You video letting them know exactly where their money is being used!

Appeal To People To Share Your Donation Page

Your donor has just given money and is feeling good about themselves and their place in the world - now is the perfect time to invite them to share it on social media!

According to Network for Good, nonprofits receive 41% of their yearly contributions in the last few weeks of the year. Let's make sure we're ready for people who wish to donate online as well! If you’re looking for help with your non profit website in Charlotte, we can provide expert website maintenance to help you get those all important donations!


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